Portronics Xlife Smart Wireless Ear Otoscope Cleaner with 6 LED Lights, FHD 1080 Camera, 3 Mega pixels Endoscope, Control Via App (Black)

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About this item

  • [ALL ROUND EAR CARE] : Switch to smart ear care with the Xlife otoscope that is 2.4 GHz wireless and can be used for better ear care as you can view what’s happening inside your ear and clean it with care from the convenience of your home.
  • [EAR INSIGHTS] : Care for your ear with ear cleaner with a camera with a full HD display of 1080p so that you’re able to see the insides of your ear better offered with better lighting of 6 LED lights.
  • [EASY TO CONTROL] : You can simply control the ear wax cleaner machine with the Xlife app that you can download from iOS and Play store depending on the smartphone. Connect to the otoscope’s wifi from your smartphone. The app helps you to watch the footage of your ear the otoscope captures in 20 FPS(Frames per second).
  • [ULTRALIGHT AND FINE] : The ear camera has got a 3.5 mm lens with a 3-axis gyroscope to give a round view of the insides of your ear. The ear machine accounts for a fine experience.
  • [MINI EAR CLINIC] : At 11 grams it is the smallest ear clinic so that you can attend to your ears anywhere anytime and if you find anything unusual you can also capture the video and send it to your doctor saving on medical ear examinations. Carry the smallest ear clinic with you.

To keep our sensory organs healthy we must ensure their hygiene. Ear hygiene is important to prevent hearing loss. For an enhanced perspective on ear care Portronics brings to you the Xlife ear otoscope, the ear machine assists you to maintain the hygiene of your ear better. The otoscope has a camera 3-megapixel Full HD 1080p camera. It is 2.4 GHz wireless the ear camera allows you have the perfect view of the ear cavity with ease and professional care at the convenience of your home. It has a 3-axis gyroscope so that you can view the insides of your ear better and clean it in a better way without irritating your ear and causing injury. You can clean dirt exactly where there is debris and use an ear cleaner Q-tip without injuring your ear. The ear machine has 6 LED lights and an ultra-fine 3.5 mm lens that securely travels into your ear cavity and via the help of the Xlife application (available on iOS and Android) helps you to look at the structure of the ear in the safest way possible. Just connect your smartphone to Xlife otoscope’s wifi network. During that time you can access the internet via mobile data. For medical findings,