Portronics Auto 14 2-in-1 Bluetooth Transmitter & Receiver Adaptor (Black)


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Turn your old, expensive, non-bluetooth devices into bluetooth with just a single device. The Auto 14 is a wireless 2-in-1 Receiver and Adaptor, designed to be an add-on to your non-bluetooth devices. Connect the Auto 14 adaptor to your speaker, and give it the power of Bluetooth. Simply use bluetooth to connect an audio source with the Auto 14, and connect the Auto 14 to your preferred gadget. With a massive 45 mAh in-built battery, the Auto 14 can go on for up to 1 hours on just a single charge, for the best, uninterrupted lifestyle experience. Similarly, use the Auto 14 to connect your Tv, CD, iPod, etc. to your Speakers/Headphones, and enjoy exclusive crystal clear sound, anywhere you want. The wireless adaptor takes close to no setup time, and is extremely portable & lightweight! Use this Bluetooth connector with any device like TVs, speakers, headphones, etc. The speakers/headphones you use should also support Low latency.

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