Match LB-Link AC1300Mbps USB Dual Band Wireless Adapter BL-WDN1300A

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Standards 2.4GHz: IEEE802.11n, IEEE802.11g, IEEE 802.11b;
5.0GHz: IEEE 802.11ac, IEEE802.11n, IEEE 802.11a;
Port Type MICRO USB 3.0
Frequency 2.4-2.4835GHz, 5.15G-5.845Ghz
Channels 2.4G: 1-13, 5G 36-140, 149-165
Modulations OFDM/CCK/16-QAM/64-QAM/256-QAM
1M: -95 dBm@8% PER
6M:-90 dBm@10% PER
11M: -86 dBm@8% PER
15M: -84 dBm@10% PER
54M: -73 dBm@10% PER
150M: -68dBm@10% PER
6M:-89 dBm@10% PER
30M: -88 dBm@10% PER
54M: -72 dBm@10% PER
300M: -68 dBm@10% PER
65M: -82 dBm@10% PER
867M: -58 dBm@10% PER

Windows 10 (32/64bits), Windows 8.1 (32/64bits),
Windows 8 (32/64bits), Windows 7 (32/64bits),
Windows XP (32/64bits)
Operating Environment Operating temperature:
0 C-40 °C Storage Storage humidity:
5%~90%RH temperature: -20°C-70 C
Operating humidity: 10%-90%RH,

WiFi Connector with 1300mbps Wireless Dual-Band(5G+ 2.4G). Desktop-style design for smooth usage. Auto-Installation. MicroUSB 3.0 port is 10* faster than USB 2.0

Ultimate Wi-Fi Speed: Match LB-Link AC1300 provides a total of 1300mbps speed. It transfers in two packages 400mbps for light tasks like surfing and 867mbps for heavy commands like video calling, gaming, etc.

Setup & Installation: This Wi-Fi connector is formed with easy setup and a desktop-style design for smooth usage. In fact, there is no need for following installation steps as it consists of auto-installation.

Dual-Band Wireless: AC1300Mbps wifi connector has dual-band 2.4GHz and 5GHz band for flexible connectivity. It provides a high-speed dual-band adapter for faster connections.

High Wi-Fi Coverage: Dual High-Gain antennas provide high stable speed and whole-home coverage. Now, you can access the internet from any corner of your home and office.

SuperSpeed USB 3.0 Port: Micro USB 3.0 port is Up to 10x faster transfer speeds than USB 2.0

SoftAP Function: AC1300Mbps supports softAP function to extend a wireless network.
* SoftAP functionality is not suitable for windows 10 OS currently.


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