Grandstream GXV3611IR_HD Indoor Infared Fixed Dome HD IP Camera


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Bulk Purchase Discount 1 - 1 7,250.00
2 - 5 7,177.50
6 - 10 7,105.00
11 - 100 7,032.50
101+ 6,960.00


Product Specifications

The GXV3611 IR_HD is an indoor camera with infrared capabilities and is the most innovative surveillance solution in the market. Along with monitoring and securing a location also have an audio conversation? Such gives users an unprecedented control over business facilities. This HD IP Camera is perfect for indoor areas exposed to low lights. The best part here is 2-way communications and is most suitable for banks, retail stores, and residential entry points.

The GXV3611IR_HD is for elevated monitoring and facility control mainly at banks, hotels, retail offices, and building entrances. This IP Camera has the high-definition 2.88mm lens and most importantly has infrared capabilities. So have an added flexibility with GXV3611IR_HD along with its other desired features w.r.t facility management, like support to auto-exposure/auto-white-balance, 2-way audio provides, etc.
The GXV3611IR_HD is easily managed with SURF Pro (Grandstream’s FREE Video Management Software that allows simultaneous control of up to 72 cameras) along with other ONVIF-compliant video management systems.
Know more about SURF pro, Grandstream video management software, and Network Video Recorders

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Weight 2000 g


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