FINGERS Quickscan W5 Barcode Scanner with Quickscan Technology


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Enabled with Quick Scan Technology, QuickScan W5 Wired Barcode reader delivers reliable performance that scans 1D barcodes effortlessly and quickly with whopping 300 scans per second! Ergonomically designed with handheld form factor, it is engineered for superior comfort and enhanced scanning experience, thereby improving users’ efficiency and productivity. From retail to POS to warehouse to distribution centers, these barcode scanners comes in handy and meet wide range of scanning needs in various environments and applications. General Type- Wired Interface- USB In-built Memory – Nil Indicators-Beeper, LED Operation Mode- Trigger Barcode Type- Support All Standard 1D Barcodes Connection Frequency – Nil – Effective Range – Nil – Optical Light Source-650 nm visible laser diode Scan Rate-300 scans/sec Resolution-4 mil Print Contrast Ratio-35% @ UPC/EAN,100% Depth of Field- 0-250 mm Electrical Input- Voltage5 V ± 1% Working Current-85 mA Standby Current-36 mAh





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