Philips DLP8006/97 8000mAh Power Bank


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Product Specifications

Power-indicator light to confirm status at a glance

The power LED light appears with the push of a button to let you know the power status of your battery pack at a glance.

Works anywhere – great when you’re not near a power source

Even if you’re not near a wall or car charger, you can recharge your device’s battery with the convenient battery pack. The intelligent battery pack supplies power first, so you can remove the pack after use and still have a full battery on your device

Micro-USB cable included to connect and charge

The included micro-USB to USB 2.0 cable is for use with mobile phones, digital cameras and other portable devices with a micro-USB connection. Carry it with you, keep it at your desk, or replace a cable you’ve lost so you’re always able to connect and charge when you need to.

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