Asus 33W 19V 1.75A Mini USB Laptop Adapter Charger For Asus compatible 30W 19V 1.75A


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Brand Asus
Connector Type USB
Compatible Devices Laptops
Mounting Hardware Laptop Adapter
Color Black
Input Voltage 1.75 Volts
Wattage 33 Watts
Output Current 1.75 Amps
Output Voltage 1.75 Volts
Power Source Corded Electric
  • PRODUCT DESCRIPTION : Input Voltage: 100V-240V 50/60hz Output Voltage: 19V
  • Output Current: 1.75A (33W) Connector: Color: Black Warranty: 12 Months
  • COMPATIBLE PART NUMBERS : 0A001-00342500, 0A001-00342900, 0A001-00343900, 19001750, 90XB02SN-MPW000 N33W-01, 90XB02SN-MPW010 N33W-01, 90XB02SN-MPW020 N33W-01, AD890026, AD890526, ADP-33AW B
  • FIT MODELS : FOR ASUS (Use CTRL+F to find your model) EeeBook X205TA3735, E205SA-FV0243T, E202SA-FD0076D, E200HA-1E, E200HA-FD0005TS, Transformer Book Flip TP200SA-FV0048T, E205SA-3G, E202SA-FD0003T, E202SA-N3700, X205TA-FD077TS, E200HA-FD0080TS, Transformer Book Flip TP200SA-FV0076TS, L200HA-FD0072T, E205SA-FV0114TS, E202SA-
  • FD0079D, E200HA-8350W, Transformer Book Flip TP200SA-FV0120TS, E205SA-FV0136T, E202SA-FD0011T, X205TA-02, X205TA-1B, E200HA-FD0083TS, Transformer Book Flip TP200SA-FV0110TS, L200HA-FD0095T, E202SA-1B, E202SA-FD0091T, E200HA-FD0044TS, E200HA-FD0043TS, L200HA-FD0022T, E205SA-FV0165T, E202SA-FD0013TS, X205TA-BING-FD015B, X205TA-1R, E200HA-FD0104TS, Transformer Book Flip TP200SA-FV0131T, E202SA-1E, E202SA-
  • FD112D, X205TA-FD060TS, E200HA-FD0076TS, X205, L200HA-FD0065T, E205SA-FV0239T, E202SA-FD001T, E200HA-1B, E200HA-FD0004TS, Transformer Book Flip TP200SA-FV0133T, E205SA-3B, E202SA-7B, E202SA-FD114D, X205TA-FD076TS, E200HA-FD0079TS, R205TA, L200HA-FD0071T, E205SA-FV0245T, E202SA-FD0078T, E200HA-1G, E200HA-FD0006TS, Transformer Book Flip TP200SA-FV00TS, E205SA-EDU3, E202SA-FD0011D, X205TA-1A, E200HA-
  • FD0081TS, Transformer Book Flip TP200SA-FV0108TS, L200HA-FD0093T, TP200SA3050, E202SA-1A, E202SA-FD0079TS, X205TA-FD019BS, E200HA-FD0009TS, E200HA-FD0042TS, L200HA-EDU3, E205SA-FV0142T, E202SA-FD0012T, X205TA-1G, E200HA-FD0102TS, Transformer Book Flip TP200SA-FV0130T, L200HA-FD0096T, E202SA-1D, E202SA-FD111D, X205TA-FD027BS, E200HA-FD0046TS, L200HA-FD0053T, E202SA-FD0014T, E200HA-1A, E200HA-
  • UB02-GD, Transformer Book Flip TP200SA-FV0132T, E202SA-7A, E202SA-FD113D, X205TA-FD061TS, E200HA-FD0077TS, L200HA, L200HA-FD0069T, E200HA-FD0041TS, X205TA-FD024BS, X205TA-FD005BS, N33W-01, X205TA-FD015BS, X205TA-FD0061TS, E205SA-FV0185T, X205TA-BING-FD015BS, X205TA-BING-FD005BS, X205TA-FD0060TS, E200HA-US01-BL, EeeBook E202SA3050, E205SA, Transformer Book Flip TP200SA, TP200S, E200H, E200HA, TP200SA, E202SA, Eeebook X205T, EeeBook X205TA, Eeebook X205, X205TA

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